Wilson Mack

Maker of things. Including: Creative Solutions, Pictures and Sounds, Stories, Jokes, Quesadillas and more!

Jurassic Punk

A Jurassic Park themed fan-film/music video. Featuring an original song… well mostly.

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A one minute commercial I produced for Bullwear’s famous Bullshorts. Also an example of more voice over work.

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Caricatures and Illustration

People often tell me that I’m a pretty good drawler. Sometimes I do drawlings for fun, other times for money.

Bloody Good

A seasonal promo video I produced and acted in for Wilks & Wilson. Oh and I did the spooky voice over too.

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Gov. Mike Pence on RFRA

When the Governor of the state you live in is a doofus, sometimes you have to do a Parody.

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On the cover of the Rolling Stone

A mock Rolling Stone cover featuring a portrait of the beautiful and talented Jana.

Strike a Pose

The sassy Luz photographed and featured for a faux Vogue cover.


The stately Will Heath on the cover of TIME Magazine. All created for a company newsletter feature.

A few recent logos I’ve created.


I love taking pictures and capturing beautiful moments. If the price is right, or if I like you, I’ll capture your moments too.


Acting & Modeling

I might be interested in acting in your next project! Give me a brief synopsis and I should be able to let you know.

Grow Your Business

On second thought just watch some silly videos by the ShortPants crew.


A series of ad parodies featuring IMG products in place of famous brands.